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HealthVerve is equipped with the most technologically-advanced equipment to provide wide versatility and customization. Products manufactured at our locations not only have the potential for individualization, but they also deliver our clients and their markets with food and beverage that are shelf-stable and safe, and are of superior quality to extend products’ life-cycles. Some of the rigid containers we offer include tin cans and diversely sized and shaped glass jars. Flexible options are also available by means of customizable stand-up or flat pouches, and retortable plastic bowls, to best align with a full range of needs.

Available Equipment:

  • Sterilization Retorts

  • Cooking & Pasteurization

  • Liquid Nitrogen Infused Filling Lines for Aluminum Cans

  • APV Multi Stage Homogenizers

  • Filling Line for Glass Bottles

Available Containers:

  •  Aluminum Cans (Sizes 5.5 to 16 ounces)

  • Diversely Sized and Shaped Glass Jars (Sizes 7 to 32 ounces)

  • Retortable Plastic Bowls

  • Stand-up or Flat Pouches

Final Product Options:

  • Shrink Sleeve Application

  • Full-Wrap Labeling and Case Packaging (12-pack, 24-pack, loose-pack, plus shrink wrap finish)




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